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An online store for purchasing custom-made home accessories, scarves, bags, and more with real artist's creations from Schatzie Designs LLC.

Janai Robinson-Makarov has published two books, "In His Presence" and "A Succor of Love." Check them out at America Star Books!

Prints of Janai Robinson-Makarov art for sale! Come and see!

An online/app store for purchasing and selling local personal goods. Now and then Schatzie Designs LLC sells items we are no longer using. We also sell items from our employees who choose to make a donation to the business. Check it out! You may find something you need!

If you are ready to make an offer on any of our merchandise on, we use PayPal for credit/debit cards, and InGo for check payments.

We also offer the PayPal.Me link for quick and easy payments if you have a PayPal account. Thank you for your business!